Fireman Sam & RSCPA Safety Campaign





We were tasked by Mattel to create and deliver a campaign to drive awareness of the brand new Fireman Sam Safety Shorts YouTube series with parents and children.


Working strategically we were able to identify strong news value within the Safety Shorts YouTube content, including episodes that showed Fireman Sam helping to keep pets safe in the hot summer months. We developed a partnership between Fireman Sam and the RSPCA-led coalition, Dogs Die in Hot Cars, and created a campaign with multiple PR moments to highlight the important safety messages throughout the summer months. Our work included engaging celebrity ambassadors, creating content including a celebrity photoshoot and infographics, different media spikes including a partnership announcement, news sell-in on the hottest day of the year and features placed with parenting and pet media outlets and social media content reaching further target audiences.


Over 300+ pieces of press coverage ran about the campaign highlighting the important message of how to keep dogs safe in the summer months. The video is one of the most ever viewed videos on the Fireman Sam YouTube page.